Creating the Manifesto

From 2007 and the onset of recession onwards a small group of companies began enjoying exceptional sales and profit growth, companies like Apple and to name just two. They didn’t just grow. Nor were they simply enjoying their best ever years. More significantly, they began performing like no other company ever had before them.

The Elastic Enterprise: The New Manifesto for Business Revolution tells that story, the story of today’s extraordinary successes in an age of turbulence and change.

In the book we want to share our research and analysis on what is profoundly new about business, what the best leaders are inventing in the form of new business processes, and new ways to create wealth, and why these changes offer up a way forward for western economies and companies just as the conditions for success look least promising.

We’d like you to join in by sharing your views, and if you have the time, examples of where you see extraordinary business success.

We see success emerging from five distinct pillars, five new things companies are doing that allow them to scale their businesses, enter new markets with a high assurance of success, and to do both at low relative cost.

Those pillars are:

  1. Business platforms
  2. Business ecosystems
  3. Sapient leadership
  4. Universal connectors
  5. Cloud infrastructure.

The book is about those five pillars and what we’ve called radical adjacency strategy, the way new leaders are aggressively taking on new markets through the five pillars. By adopting radical strategies the best companies are setting out a Manifesto for Business Revolution.

Our objective is to help create the conversation around their new enterprise models and how leaders in the developed economies are responding to a new phase of globalization, one where emerged-economy companies are beneficiaries of a rapidly growing, new global middle class.

The way that western companies go about organizing resources to create wealth in competition with low-cost, high value labor, globally, and against comapnies with much larger home markets than the United States or Europe,  will define our age, and our living standards. Luckily a small band of inventive leaders are already out there showing us how to do business differently, bigger, faster, cheaper, better, breaking with convention to create exceptional results.

We’ve written the book to record and understand the successs and how other companies can replicate the model.

Here on the website we’ll be adding examples of successful companies that deploy the new model of business, short bios of leaders, case studies and news of interest to change-watchers.

In The Elastic Enterprise we want to move away from the idea of the book as a treasure chest of answers to enterprise problems. We’re not trying to set out the one authoritiative view on change. We want to stimulate new perspectives and debates on the best way forward for companies and their leaders and ecosystems.

So, the plan is we’ll upload chapter after chapter here for the two eBooks we’re planning this year (first one due in late October). The books cover leadership and strategy (Vol 1) and the pillars of the new enterprise (Vol 2). We’ll also post on evidence we see for new  approaches to business so that this site becomes a resource and not just a platform for the book. We’d really appreciate it you can join in through the comments or by contacting us.

elasticenterprise[at] gmail[dot]com

Our aim is to publish a print copy of the book by late Spring 2012. We’ll list all contributors whose comments and insights we use in the 2012 print edition. So please join in – be a part of writing the Manifesto.

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