First three chapters of The Elastic Enterprise uploaded and available for free

The first three chapters of The Elastic Enterprise are now uploaded and available to download or read for free, here on site.

In The Elastic Enterprise we are articulating the manifesto for business revolution. Pioneering companies around the globe are writing  the manifesto through novel business practices.  In the worst recession we’ve ever experienced a handful of companies are getting it right. More than that though they are succeeding beyond even their own expectations.

How come?

The first three chapters answer that question. They deal with the new world of scale in recession-defying businesses, and the five pillars that pioneering companies are using to grow and extend their markets as a new, global middle class evolves.

We’d really welcome your comments and your observations.

You can download the chapters or you can read them here on site. The book will be published in an E-edition at the end of October and in print in April 2012. We will attribute all comments and observations we use, in the print edition.

We’re looking for examples of The Elastic Enterprise, of radical adjacency strategies in action, of the five pillars, as well as your views on the value of our approach, so please join us in working out what this new enterprise form really means.

To access the chapters use the top navigation bar from anywhere on the site or go here:


Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

You can also look around the site as we blog our own examples and thinking about the growth of elastic enterprises.

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