SAP as an Elastic Enterprise

Giant ERP vendor SAP of course is old school – or was. Over the past five years the big ERP system provider has become decidedly innovative, qualifying as an elastic enterprise because of its extensive efforts at openness and automated business partnerships – what we’ve described elsewhere as the use of universal connectors. See also its new, collaborative decision suite, Streamwork.

Dan Woods has a great piece over on Forbes about SAP’s journey. The article is technical in nature, or rather assumes some technical knowledge as well as knowledge of SAP products, but well worth  look. Here’s an example from Dan’s piece of SAP’s new openness and interconnectedness:

SAP NetWeaver Gateway will also likely be popular for mobile and social applications. Using Gateway and a simple mobile application development environment like EachScape, a normal human, not an SAP expert, can use the REST API and display order status or delivery information. Some SAP customers are using Gateway to tweet about similar information to customers.

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