More on the eBay Platform, Magento and Ecosystem Support Needs

The Magento platform is a serious success story and a great illustration of the elastic enterprise at work. Starting in 2008, it is an open source commerce platform that helps merchants create feature rich online shops that are not only good looking and provide good customer service but are also configured for Search Engine optimisation and are extensible.

eBay bought Magento in July 2011 and recently announced it as part of the new open platform.

Extensibility is another term for elasticity – merchants have a growing portfolio of extensions – Magento’s equivalent of apps – that they can use to improve their shoppers’ experiences or their own reporting and marketing capabilities.

In fact Magento is the ultimate merchant platform. It is a software as a service, Cloud based platform that takes much of the weight for merchants who want highly a highly adaptive online presence. Extensions mean merchants can deepen their own and customers experience and capabilities infinitely.

As Magento has evolved there’s been a growing need to train developers in Magento and that’s the point of this post. Magento recently set up an online Unvieersity for developers – Magento U. It’s a model for other companies that want to develop paltform businesses – because it shows very clearly the reciprocal needs of the core company and the ecosystem, and it shows clearly that the core company must invest in its ecosystem.

We launched Magento U at our Imagine eCommerce Conference this past February to support the growing need for trained Magento developers, designers and systems administrators. Since that time we’ve run dozens of classes throughout the United States and Europe, training hundreds of students.

As demand for the Magento platform continues to escalate, the need for developers who are trained on the best practices for developing on Magento continues to grow around the world. In fact, demand has been so strong that it has outpaced our ability to provide enough courses in all requested locations.

In addition though, with the new X.Com platform, Magento will be part of a family that includes eBay and payments system Paypal, large merchant ecommerce solution GSI and a number of other acquisitions, along with some integration into Facebook’s open graph.

There’s going to be a serious amount of developer training needed but what a platform play!

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