Apps, Cloud, Merger. SAP and Google Are Unlikely Partners BUT….

Silicon Angle posted the story today on Forbes: Google and SAP will partner on apps, Cloud and small business ERP and will jointly develop their communities. It is huge news that wraps Cloud and Apps and Mobile into one new initiative that can reach deep into the smaller enterprise. Small to medium sized companies though will have to be asking themselves what does it mean for me? Is it just that I end up using Gmail or is this platform going to become the definitive new operating system for the smaller firm?

The focal point of the merged activities are Google Apps and Business By Design. Here’s what Silicon Angle said about it:

Google and SAP have differing developer communities but again the emphasis will be on aligning Google’s suite of services with SAP’s cloud-based business software. There is little about how Android fits into the picture but expect there to be a similar alignment.

The news today came as part of a comprehensive overview of SAP’s cloud strategy, which also included the news of a platform as a service built on SAP HANA.

We have few details but SAP executive vice president Peter Lorenz did say the platform will include SAP’s Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) for transactions and procedure oriented solutions. It will also include a Java-PaaS for more collaborative apps. HANA will underly both environments.

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