Elastic Enterprise Workshops

Nick and Haydn offer a half day and full day workshop on Elastic Enterprise themes. These high energy workshops are designed to inform and inspire your executive team and to enable you to develop new leadership qualities as well as form a cadre of people ready to scale your business in new ways.

Our workshops are usually preceded by an assessment of your readiness for adopting or deploying the elastic enterprise pillars.

Workshop topics.

We cover all or a selection of these major strategic themes:

  1. The business environment and the requirement for new strategy and leadership, drawing on Nick and Haydn’s unique research
  2. The birth of the new scale – how extraordinary organizations are creating new ways to scale business at unprecedented speed.
  3. The rise of the business platform, illustrated with extensive, intriguing and insightful case studies, and its relevance to your organisation
  4. How to plan a business platform strategy
  5. The five ways that extraordinary businesses are radically reducing business friction
  6. The must-have elements of a business ecosystem
  7. The importance of a flexible IT infrastructure and IT-business strategy alignment
  8. Sapient leadership, why a new cognitive skill set is required of leaders and how you can create it for yourself.

Assessment 1: Capability and systems portfolio

What existing systems do you have that act as a basis for developing a business platforms approach, and what technical capability can be coverted rapidly to the elastic enterprise approach. In this assessment we explore the latent technological components in your organization and the hidden capabilities that can be exploited in a strategic program.

Duration: 1 – 2 months

Assessement 2: The people prerequisites and leadership assessment

What attitudes, leadership and cultural factors in your organization provide a basis for developing an elastic enterprise and strategy? In this assessment we will analyze the cultural and leadership disposition to evolve into an elastic enterprise. The assessment will entirely non-intrusive and llight-touch, use your existing content platforms and brief interviews with key staff. It will form the basis for your own thinking or a workshop with us.

Duration: 1 – 2 months.

Talk to us about your workshop and assessment needs:

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