Executive Mentoring

Executives at the very senior level need to develop their understanding of the changing business landscape in a one-to-one relationship with a trusted advisor. We recognize the need for support and discretion having coached at the CEO level for some years now. Here are two ways we can help mentor C-level executives:

1. The Elastic Enterprise mentoring series

Beginning with a 2 hour briefing on the rapid evolution of The Elastic Enterprise, The Elastic Enterprise mentoring series is a bi-monthly  interaction on new enterprise strategy for the highest level executives, bringing you information from our research and listening and interpreting your challenges. Our objective with the mentoring series is to be your personal coach as you and your senior team seek to reframe your strategic outlook.

In the Elastic Enterprise mentoring series our mutual objective will be to expand on the principles of sapient leadership and be a source of advice as you set the wheels of personal and enterprise change in motion. In an ever more complex external world we can help you understand the five pillars of the new enterprise and interpret with you current events, critical activity within your organization, competitor behavior and the complexity of the global market.

2. The personal development mentoring program

Many leaders now face the problem of how to adapt to the next phase of the global economy. In a fast-moving environment it can be very difficult to acquire all the learning necessary to be uniquely effective. We find also that senior executives are looking to the next phase of their careers, possibly outside their existing organization. In both cases they need to develop their thinking around change and what change means for their personal development and careers.

Getting this step right is essential. Mastery of what’s going on globally has to be communicated to your team, investors and customers.  And it is an important part of preparing for critical career path choices. The personal development mentoring program is intended for senior executive who need support in developing their thinking. It will give you advantage as a sapient leader and broaden your career choices. Personal development is about achieving a new type of leadership, one that is sapient, able to make good choices in difficult times, able to change the world around you. It can also mean articulating a new vision or ensuring that the vision is integrated into products and services.

In our personal development mentoring program we can help you to develop the light touch concepts that reflect your vision and get your ideas noticed by the right influencers.

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