Haydn Shaughnessy

haydn head and shoulders arms open
Haydn is an expert on business platforms and on the disruption and structural transformation of the economy. He is a fellow at the Center for Digital Transformation, University of California, Irvine, previously a visiting research fellow with the Moxie Insight think tank chaired by Don Tapscott, a former partner with the first social agency, The Conversation Group, and has offered platform and disruption advice to enterprises and to global and national bodies such as SWIFT, CLS, Alcatel Lucent, GM, KPMG, The Dutch Academy of Science, The Commission of the European Communities, RBS, SIX, Nordea, Strategic Center for Science, Technology and Innovation, Finland, and more.

Haydns Re:Thinking Innovation blog published by Forbes reqched over 1 million people a month at its peak; he has also written for HBR.org, The Wall St Journal, The Times, Irish Times, GigaOm, Social Media Today, and many more print publications and web magazines. The Elastic Enterprise was his first book and he has subsequently published SHIFT: A Leader’s Guide to the Platform Economy. He has spoken at events such as SIBOS, ISPIM, Strategic Center for Science, Technology and Innovation, BNPP Global Markets, Nordic Innovation, Business Innovation Factory, and for private executive meetings.

He advises companies on how to adapt to the new economy built around business platforms and new forms of disruption. He also provides leading edge research and predictive scenarios on emerging trends, using his own unique methodologies.

Haydn’s research interests focus on the developments around platforms such as emerging business ecosystem, mobile ecosystems, ecosystem metrics and the platforms itself He has pioneered the use of semantic analysis in large-scale attitudinal research.

Haydn was educated at the London School of Economics and Oxford University.

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