“I believe we are witnessing a fundamental tipping-point on the way business is done. Elastic Enterprises master the management, visibility, and agility to maneuver swiftly in the new economic environment and out-compete the incumbents in traditional economies. This leads to a new form of economics – “hypereconomics”, driven by Elastic Enterprises. Highly recommended.”

                  — Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation Leader at SWIFT

“Nick and Haydn bring their deep understanding of business, culture and technological change to show us the new paths forward to success in a rapidly changing marketplace.  Read this if you want to not only survive, but prosper in the new elastic economy!”

                  — Jay M. Williams, Vice President, Cloud Commons and Cloud Ecosystem, CA Technologies

“The Elastic Enterprise best describes the evolving business model that will separate the major winners and losers in many shifting industry segments. Vitalari and Shaughnessy go well beyond presenting the same over used cute cases to describe the underlying enablements. A must read.” 

                  — Bruce Rogow, Principal, IT Odyssey and Advisory

“The Elastic Enterprise paints a compelling and lucid picture of what companies must do to navigate the turbulent seas of digital transformation. Vitalari and Shaughnessy provide a much needed map and compass for anyone building the next generation enterprise.”

                  — Dr. Vijay Gurbaxani, Taco Bell Professor, Paul Merage School of Business, Director, Center for Digital Transformation, UC Irvine

“I strongly urge you to pick up The Elastic Enterprise. This isn’t just another “me-too” innovation book. It describes and decodes an inflection point in organizational strategy that you must understand if you expect to be able to compete effectively in the years ahead.”

                  — Chuck Frey, Founder and Editor at

“This book is for those that don’t want to be disrupted by others, but rather would like to drive the disruption themselves.”

                  — Jos Echelpoels, Director, IT at Janssen-Cilag.

Also check out reader reviews on the book site:

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